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Artificial Eye India ranks among the leading centres of custom-made ocular prosthesis in Bhopal and offers cutting-edge artificial eye prosthesis services for patients. Prostheses are advanced devices to replace the lost or damaged eye or any other facial part to improve the overall cosmetic look and appearance.

At Artificial Eye India, any damage to the eye is repaired and rehabilitated by using some of the latest custom-made ocular prosthetics. The eye can get damaged or suffer from lost vision due to a range of factors, such as trauma, injury, allergy, ailments, chemical infection and so on. By making the advanced prosthesis, the damaged part is camouflaged so that it looks and matches precisely with the contralateral region. It enables that patients get the best and entirely natural appearance.

Common eye defects include loss of orbital organs like the eyeball and surrounding structures. Through advanced prosthesis treatments, these defects can be rectified through magnetic implants or adhesives. First, the implants are surgically done to place and fit them well on the bone, and then they are connected with the prosthesis through magnetic implants. If the defect is complicated, it will require more advanced treatments. However, even the most complicated defects have been managed wonderfully at Artificial Eyes India.
The centre offers some of the latest facilities in the field of custom-made ocular prosthesis like artificial eye replacement, silicone orbital prosthesis and so on. By getting the best eye prosthesis services, patients can tremendously improve their quality of life and help them lead a healthy life with great self-esteem. Patients from all across the globe, such as South East Asia, Africa, and North America visit here every year for advanced treatment.

The team at Artificial Eye India includes world-class specialists like Dr. Saurabh Srivastava and Dr. Kirti Srivastava. They have travelled across the globe to pursue related experience and have become thorough professionals in their field. With over ten years of experience in this field, they are super specialists when it comes to providing the most advanced eye prosthesis and custom-made ocular processes.

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