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Case 1

He is 30 year old who lost the sight of his right eye in early childhood due to Bow and arrow injury. For further years damaged eye became more and more disfigured, but he could not face having it removed.

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Case 2

He was born NORMAL but a tragic accident took away his happiness. He has loving and supportive parents who have encouraged him to overcome fierce and made him strong.

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Case 3

She was only 15 months old when her eye became infected, then discoloured and phthisical. Since then she was not wearing any prosthesis which led her eye shrink to a very small size.

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Case 4

she has worn an artificial eye since her left eye was enucleated by at age 10. Her first prostheses were made of glass and she well remembers selecting her glass eyes from an assortment laid out on trays.

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Case 5

He is 54 years old and has worn an artificial eye since he was 27. His monocular vision and loss of prosthetic stability was a problem due to the loss of depth perception.

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Case 6

He is a 31 year old young but disheartened guy. Indeed, the experience was so painful for his parents that they ignored his eye’s scarred appearance and never ever spoke about how it happened.

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Case 7

Microphthalmia is a developmental disorder of the eye that literally means ‘small eye’.He was born with a microphthalmic right eye. He was teased at school to the point where he lost all self-confidence.

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Case 8

If your eye is scarred and blind, don’t wait years before asking about scleral shells. Scleral shells have excellent movement, very good retention and are comfortable to wear in most cases.

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Case 9

Enucleation : An operation where the eyeball is completely removed. An implant is usually inserted into the hole that is left in socket and the eye muscles tied over it.

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