Digital Eye Design

The most advance & most accurate technique for artificial eye replacement.

  • Improves the aesthetic planning
  • Improve communication with the patient, increasing their participation on the designing process of their own eye, motivating and educating them about the benefits of the treatment and increasing the case acceptance.
  • Process take considerations of both 2Dimensional & 3Dimensional measurements.
  • Precision up to 1 mm can be achieved.
  • 3D Printed Iris for precise replication.
  • Natural movements of the prosthetic eye can be achieved.
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With the advent of technology, modern eye care techniques have come into vogue, and digital eye design is one of them. In simple terms, it means the use of digital technology to come up with the shape and size of the artificial eye. Each person has a different eye, and so it requires immense precision to replace a natural eye with an artificial eye. Digital technology helps to provide a measurement of the eye socket, the type of prosthesis and other details so that the patient gets the best custom-made artificial eye.

At Artificial Eye India, we make use of the latest digital eye designs based on the patient’s requirements. Our expert team of doctors led by Dr. Saurabh Srivastava and Dr. Kirti Srivastava first diagnose and analyse the medical condition of the patient and the eye characteristics, and accordingly come up with best eye prosthesis solution. We provide the latest custom-made ocular processes by using modern digital eye treatments. By availing our services, you can cherish the long-lost vision once again!

Pre-Treatment Assessment:
Digital Eye Design helps in evaluating the measurements of subject’s natural eye.

  • Contours of eye Mediolaterally.
  • Size of the Iris
  • Placement of Iris
  • Medial & Distal Canthal Size
  • Vertical & Horizontal Visible Eye size
  • Shade Evaluation

Mid-Treatment Assessment:
Digital Eye Design helps in evaluating the course of the treatment.

  • Crosschecking the pre-assessments readings with wax pattern’s measurement helps in assessing the errors & correcting them with the accuracy till 1mm.

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