Case 8

Phthisical eye : A condition of the eyeball that may result from injury when the eye loses function and shrinks in size.

Background: She was only 15 months old when her eye became infected, then discoloured and phthisical. Since then she was not wearing any prosthesis which led her eye shrink to a very small size.
A custom eye prosthesis was provided. She was given instructions concerning the ongoing maintenance of her eye and socket. She was told to leave the eye in place night and day and to only take it out for cleaning every month or so. After few weeks she wrote the following note to us:
Testimonial By Patient
Dear Dr,

I just cannot find an adequate way to express my feelings – quite unbelievable that after so many years, I actually do feel I have two good eyes. I can forget all about it – go chatting with friends and family, etc. What a relief! Thank you so much. I wish you all the very best.

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