Case 6

He was born NORMAL but a tragic accident took away his happiness. He has loving and supportive parents who have encouraged him to overcome fierce and made him strong.School was a nightmare for him and he was teased constantly because of his different looks.
Review of prosthesis and socket:
He first opted for orbital expander shells. The presence of the eyeball stimulates the hard and soft tissues of the orbit to grow in line with the rest of the face. If one eye is missing (anophthalmia) or under-developed (microphthalmia) the growth on the affected side lags behind, causing the face to become asymmetrical. Orbital expanders are substitutes for the natural eyeball and stimulate the growth of the orbital tissues – custom-made clear plastic conformers are replaced every few weeks with larger ones.
Prior to having his conformers fitted, his eyes were always closed but the conformers opened his eyelids and for the first time he could ‘see’ light.
A custom fitted new prosthesis was then made for him. The result was dramatic. His family are delighted with the result so far. He feels much more comfortable around people now.

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