Case 5

Enucleation : An operation where the eyeball is completely removed. An implant is usually inserted into the hole that is left in socket and the eye muscles tied over it. This provides the foundation for the prosthesis and enables it to move in concert with the sound eye to a major extent.
He has just turned 50. He married at age 24, and he and his wife now have 2 children. This early introduction to the adult world of responsibility and accountability might be why he took the loss of his left eye in 2010 so well. He lost the eye due to some chemical infection. He remembers that at the time his major concern was not damage to his appearance, but adjusting to using his right eye instead of his left for precision working on computer as he is working in bank.
Review of socket:
The condition of the socket was good but had recessed. This is a common occurrence in the first couple of years following enucleation with further recession taking place more slowly. So finally he turned up for customized prosthesis.
So now he is very happy with the prosthesis and careful to look after his precious right eye and to ensure his prosthesis is properly maintained.

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