Case 12


she has worn an artificial eye since her left eye was enucleated by at age 10. Her first prostheses were made of glass and she well remembers selecting her glass eyes from an assortment laid out on trays. She also remembers breaking her glass eye and the drama and stress this caused her poor mother who had to rush her to the optometrist to find a replacement. She was always told to clean her prosthesis daily and to take it out at night to ‘rest’ the tissues. One morning she couldn’t find her eye as probably was taken up by rat.

Review of prosthesis and socket:
she presented for a review of her artificial eye and socket. Her prosthesis (made elsewhere a few years ago) was too small, gazing inward and unstable.

A new prosthesis was provided. This eye fitted the socket far better than the previous one, and all the more looking alike. She was given new instructions concerning the ongoing maintenance of her eye and socket. She was told to leave the eye in place night and day and to only take it out for cleaning every month or so. This advice contradicted everything she had been told previously but she adhered to it. After two weeks she wrote the following note to Keith Pine:
Testimonial By Patient

Dear Dr,

Its hard to believe that its me. I just cannot find words to express my feelings – quite unbelievable that after so many years, I no longer have the horrors/fears of dropping or losing my eye. And the daily ‘mucky build up’, scratchy, itchy. Now I actually feel so confident in anything and everything I do.Its amazing!! I wish you all the very best.

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